Pure African Grown
Coffee & Tea

Grown straight from the rich soils of Africa.

Kenyan Coffee Beans

Medium Roast

Bold Whole Bean Signature House Blend

Royaltea’s signature house blend was created from an exotic bean native to South Central Kenya that is powerful yet sweet. The Kenyan coffee beans used in this blend are high-quality and medium roasted. Every cup of this signature coffee has crisp bold blackberry citrus flavouring and a caramel aroma, which pairs well with desserts. Try cold brewing to cool you down on those hot days when you need a boost of energy.

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Cinnamon & Cardamon

Sweet & Rich Loose Leaf Tea

Royaltea’s blend of freshly crushed cinnamon and cardamom is perfect for a loose leaf tea that you can enjoy not only for its sweet-taste but for its healing properties. This medium-bodied black tea takes approximately four to five minutes to brew and has a citrus-like acidity that pairs well with milk and sugar. The flavour profile of this caffeinated signature tea flavours cinnamon backed with just a hint of cardamom. Mixed into the blend is clove and added spices, that leave your mouth bursting with warmth. Cinnamon reduces inflammation and cardamom is known for its ability to aid in digestion. Together, this powerful mix can soothe your stomach and soul on a cold day.

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Premium Roast

Robust Ground Coffee

Royaltea’s medium blend 100% African grown premium roast ground coffee is made from whole Kenyan coffee beans that were precisely roasted to perfection. Whole beans allow the sweet blackberry crispness to seep through in each flavourful sip. Enjoy the rich powerful quality of this robust coffee blend morning, noon, or night.

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Black Tea

Royaltea’s relaxing blend of loose-leaf black tea is rich in antioxidants and has the aromatic properties of citrus, grass, and a hint of clove. Brewed in four to five minutes, this tea has a citrus essence with added spice. Cloves and pepper add a kick of character to the blend. Royaltea’s medium-bodied Black Tea is not only beneficial to your health it contains caffeine to boost your energy levels and give you the extra push you need to get through those tough mornings. Strong enough to endure a touch of milk, this black loose-leaf tea is great to have after meals or in the morning with a slice of toast.