Black Tea


A smooth, medium-bodied cup is produced from the long, dark brown leaves. This cup of tea is introduced in the aroma, blooming into a pronounced note in the coppery amber cup. A nutty nuance complements the sweet flavor, ending with a crisp, clean finish.

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Arich and refreshing, traditional loose blend. Our loose leaf blend uses a range of carefully selected teas with leaf grades traditionally suited to Loose Tea. Sourced from a handful of gardens from regions in Kericho Kenya, This blend is one that all Loose Tea drinkers will enjoy.


The tea plants that produce this tea grow at more than six thousand feet above sea level in the Kenyan Highlands. The leaves take on lovely flavors in the cool air and rocky soil. Unlike most teas in Africa, this one is produced in the Orthodox method, so the leaves look like most of our other teas. This loose-leaf blend has led the revolution in Africa of making tea in the Orthodox method.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 19.5 cm
Dry Leaves

Small dark brown leaves


A mixture of citrus and grass with faint clove notes.

Caffeine Level



This a medium-bodied black tea.


Tending toward citrus, especially orange with a slightly spicy character of cloves and some pepper. Don't be afraid to add milk and sugar.

Brewing Time

4 to 5 minutes

Brewing Temp

212°F / 100ºC


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